Writesonic Pricing Plans 2023: Is Write Sonic worth it?


Looking for the pricing plans for Writesonic in 2023?

Then you should definitely take a look at the comprehensive pricing details for Writesonic.

Discover different Write Sonic pricing options and compare them to the prices of other AI content assistant tools.

Introducing Writesonic Pricing Plans at just $16 per month

The pricing for Writesonic starts at $12.67 per month. Writesonic has 4 different plans:

Writesonic Pricing Quick Overview

See Writesonic Pricing at https://writesonic.com/pricing

I know you’ve been asking for a plan with unlimited words, and they’ve been listening closely.

Today, I’m stoked to announce the new Unlimited plan.

Which is 20% cheaper than ChatGPT!

Writesonic Unlimited starts at 1 user seat:

And, if you want more seats for other users in your team, here’s how the plans will look:

With the Unlimited Plan, you get almost all premium-quality (GPT-3.5) features and a maximum of 3 Brand Voices (for now).

They will add brand voices and other features soon.

So, what about our existing Pro plans?

Meet Business Plan (FKA Pro), which gives:

Pretty sweet, huh?

Upgrade with new plans now!

We’re buzzing with excitement on this end and can’t wait to see what you’ll create when there’s no word limit!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.

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